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Easy to use for beginner or pro synth players, you will be totaly inspired by the sound and the presets when come the time to create or play music.

Future Music” (UK) magazine say:

“Adventus look like something you want to get playing right away.”

If you’re looking for great leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos from a Softsynth, for live performance work or sequencing, look no further! VST plugins for quality sound recording and music making. For Trance, dance, Techno, House and many more music genre and styles.


Rihanna – We found love (Adventus VSTi & DF)

Radio Killer – Lonely Heart

Playlist- Multiple Adventus demo videos songs

Latest Adventus presets


  • arpeggiator – better chorus
  • new phaser and ensemble fx
  • use less CPU
  • new flip flop pan option
  • Phase Mod (instead of ring mod)
  • Filter respond to velocity (very cool)
  • X-knob, modify resonnance curve. turn left and the resonnance decrease as the cutoff increase. turn right and the resonnance increase as the cutoff increase.
  • 6 Oscillators with Fat options.
  • Waveforms: Saw, Sine, Triangle, Pulse, Ramp, White Noise.
  • Portamento Controls.

  • Volume control, Fine-tune, Semi-tune, Pulse Width, Phase Modulation, Velocity and Velo to Filter sensitivity, Key follow, Key-Track.
  • 6 Resonant Filters: 12dB, 24dB, Moog Filter Types: 3 diferents Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject ADSR’s with parameter locking facility Amplifiers with controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
  • Modulation with substantial routing options: 2 assignement with 2 destinations each.
  • 2 x LFO’s with substantial routing options Mode, Range, Beat Step Sequencer with control for Pitch, Filter, and FX paremeter, Phase Modulation option.
  • Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Twin Delay, Reverb, Phase Mod, Drive (Distortion)
  • Other Features: 6 note polyphonic operation Mono/Legato/Polyphonic control Midi CC control.
  • Over 500 high-quality presets Instruments, Sounds, and FX

Users Testimonials

I'm just emailing you to send you some praises for your Adventus plugin. My name is Bram Bos, the author of musical apps like HammerHead, Tuareg, Tu2 and the Steinberg B.Box. Currently I am working on a flexible yet very easy to use VSTi/audio sequencer. I bought your plugin as one of my main test VSTi's. I have to say that Adventus has the most fluid and impressive filters I have ever heard on any soft synth. The sounds are absolutely worth it! Bram Bos
Hello Gino, Thank you for providing the best trance synths for this amazing price. I have been searching for several years now to find anything that provides a one in all trance synth until I came across yours. I have been so frustrated before to find the right sounds for my music and had to use so many tools and synths to come up with the right sounds. Now I don't have to look any further. With your synths and sounds all I need to use is the Adventus 1.5 and ADF. These instruments are far the best I have ever found in order to write trance music and there is no other instrument like it to put together a perfect trance song. None of the other instruments even compare to yours. It is easy and user friendly and I am able to tweak sounds on the fly. I look forward to more patches or any updates that would enable me to select sounds easier. Best Wishes from Guna
HELLO !! Just wan't to say that this little piece of software is absolutley amazing I really mean it. For that kind of money !!! iI love every single preset on this thing . And it sounds totally fat!!! I am not a sound freak all my music is based on original presets made by makers, but this is absolutley plug and create piece of vst. keep up the good work Matt
I tried the Adventus demo after reading about it in Future Music and loved it so bought it straight away! Order should be with you anytime now. Such a great sounding VSTi (even with the effects off - which can't be said for most VSTis!) Great GUI - well layed out. Low processer usage (always important!).. Neville

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