Best Wishes from Guna

Hello Gino, Thank you for providing the best trance synths for this amazing price. I have been searching for several years now to find anything that provides a one in all trance synth until I came across yours. I have been so frustrated before to find the right sounds for my music and had to use so many tools and synths to come up with the right sounds. Now I don’t have to look any further. With your synths and sounds all I need to use is the Adventus 1.5 and ADF. These instruments are far the best I have ever found in order to write trance music and there is no other instrument like it to put together a perfect trance song. None of the other instruments even compare to yours. It is easy and user friendly and I am able to tweak sounds on the fly. I look forward to more patches or any updates that would enable me to select sounds easier.